On Guard

Experience proves the wisdom of becoming so familiar with the works of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science that incorrect teaching is at once detected. Frequently there circulates in attractive epigrammatic or antithetic form a decidedly misleading thought, but because of its rhythmic sound and the semblance of truth it announces, it readily becomes current, eclipsing in popular use the safe utterances of absolute good.

"You do not have to fight; you do not have to struggle; you only have to know," is one offender. Nowhere in Mrs. Eddy's life or writings is there any warrant for the enervating assertion that we do not have to struggle, or to be on guard. On the contrary, we find on page 4 of Science and Health this anticipation of continuous warfare: "The habitual struggle to be always good is unceasing prayer." Indeed a glance at the Concordance to Science and Health shows that under the headings "struggle," "striving," "overcoming," "warfare," and synonymous terms, our Leader enforces over and over again the fact that spiritual ascendancy is won only by supreme effort, and in this position she is entirely Scriptural. Both the Old and the New Testament abound in biographic and didactic accounts of the struggles made by mankind to remain true to God, divine Truth.

Brief, Clear, and Effective Testimony
October 13, 1917

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