One pertinent fact which our critic perhaps fails to consider,...

Hartford (Conn.) Courant

One pertinent fact which our critic perhaps fails to consider, is that a large majority of those in the ranks of Christian Science were formerly associated with other churches; also that the old ties were severed only after the healing of sickness or the redemption from some phase of sin had shown that Christian Science offered them something not to be obtained in the other churches. Having had experience with both, they choose to cast their lot with the one which has provided for them better health and more happiness.

The critic is quoted as having said that Christian Scientists "take upon themselves the right to judge and condemn all creeds and interpretations of Scripture except their own." This statement is not only false but absolutely contrary to the facts. The constitution grants to each individual the right to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience. The Christian Scientist not only claims this right for himself, but fully recognizes the right of his neighbor to a like choice without interference.

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