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About a year and a half ago I became acquainted with the...

About a year and a half ago I became acquainted with the teaching of Christian Science. Previous to that time we had been working along the lines of character improvement. We faced a rather hard test in November, 1913, when my wife became afflicted with what seemed to be a serious pulmonary trouble. For three weeks she suffered greatly and could take no nourishment. Our faith in Christian Science was sufficient at that time to enable us to see that since so many others had been helped by it there was no reason why we should not be benefited in a similar way. We consulted no physician, but secured treatment in Christian Science; then, as the trouble seemed to grow more serious, we were beginning to feel impatient, when the underlying cause of her condition was discovered. It seemed that my wife was under the impression that she had a dreaded disease of the lungs and must therefore die. After this fear was removed the healing made rapid strides and she was able to take nourishment. A few days later she arose and attended to her household duties, and there has not been the slightest relapse.

We have also had beautiful instances of spiritual healing in our family in cases of fever, pain, and wounds. With regard to the children's work at school and on examination days we have relied on divine intelligence, and it has never failed. In the way of protection we have experienced the power of ever-present divine Love in two instances. My brother-in-law is a customs collector on the Russian frontier, and when the war broke out his position demanded that he stay there. For weeks we heard nothing of him, but read in the papers of distressing conditions. Finally we received a letter from him telling us that he was back home, well and happy, having been delivered after three weeks of dreadful experience. To us this was no chance occurrence, for we had continually declared the truth in his behalf.

Testimony of Healing
Church work has become a kind of technicality
May 6, 1916

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