For some time I have felt that I should tell of what God...

For some time I have felt that I should tell of what God has done for me through Christian Science. In the spring of 1912 I had a bad attack of sciatic rheumatism, and after doctoring with one of our best physicians for about two weeks, was no better. About this time I was drawn on the state federal grand jury at Indianapolis, but I thought it would be impossible to serve on account of the rheumatism. My daughter was visiting us and advised me to try Christian Science, so on the morning I was to start for Indianapolis I was taken to a practitioner's home. I was in misery on the way there and expected to be till I finished my journey, but after having treatment I felt much better, and during the rest of the trip I was comfortable. I was away about a week and came home perfectly well.

In the fall of the same year I met with an accident. The boy with me was driving my horses, a spirited young team, and they started to run before I could get the lines. They ran against a street-car pole, and I was thrown about twelve feet, landing on my chest and crushing it in till I could scarcely breathe, also cutting my limbs. I got up in a dazed condition declaring that no harm could come to one of God's children, but when I got home my family were frightened. My boys were telephoned for, and when they came they said I must have a doctor; but I told them it was not necessary. In the morning a Christian Science practitioner was asked for help, and I was soon well again. I was also healed of deafness in one of my ears with these same treatments.

Testimony of Healing
For four years I suffered from what was pronounced an...
May 6, 1916

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