Deep gratitude to God, also to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy,...

Deep gratitude to God, also to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, impels me to send this testimony. When less than a year old I had an attack of rheumatic fever, and throughout my childhood I suffered from it many weeks at a time each winter. As I grew older the attacks became more frequent and of longer duration, until physicians declared they could not hope to cure me, but merely to alleviate my suffering, and that I would soon be able to move about only in a wheel-chair. My hands were almost as useless as my feet, and the future did not seem very bright. At this time my fear of a throat affection was so great that if I was in a room with one who had recently had an attack I at once came down with it.

That "man's extremity is God's opportunity" was then proven to me. I had been led to see that there was something higher and better than could be found in the teachings of my former church, but I little thought I should find it in Christian Science. My mother became interested in this teaching and tried to interest me, but it was not until my feet, which had become distorted from rheumatism, had regained their normal shape that I would listen to her. It is nearly seventeen years since that first demonstration was made for me by my mother, and not only has the healing been permanent, but I am today manifesting a degree of health never known before coming to Christian Science. During the early months of 1914 I was so situated that I was exposed to very unpleasant weather conditions, spent hours of each day in an uncomfortably cold room, even staying for hours with thoroughly wet feet, but with no ill results.

Testimony of Healing
I have long delayed sending my testimony of the happiness...
May 6, 1916

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