I would like to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...

I would like to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me. One of the greatest blessings that could come to me is the privilege of having my children go to the Christian Science Sunday school. When they first began to attend, the boy, then about ten years old, did not enjoy it, but we never compelled him to go; instead, we talked to him of the truth and what it would mean for him to understand it. After about a year of irregular attendance a different teacher was given him. Her beautiful demonstration of loving interest in him soon had a marked effect, and he went every Sunday and did whatever she asked him to do.

About six months later the little fellow's health failed. I had been a very busy mother, so had read Christian Science literature but little and had not attended church services often. I did not know how to use Science for the boy, so I used all the simple home remedies I had ever known; but he gradually grew weaker. When I sat down one day to talk it over with him, he told me that if I would let him have Christian Science treatment he would get well, but if I made him have a doctor he would just die, as an aunt had done. It was a hard problem for me, for this aunt had passed away from tuberculosis after five physicians had done all they could for her. I had no faith in what they could do for my boy, and yet I knew so little of Christian Science that I had no faith in its healing power either. I soon decided, however, to have Christian Science treatment, and a practitioner came to see the child. Although there was some improvement at first, there were days when he was worse, and it was very hard for me to go on with the treatment; but he had no fear. In the seventh week he took a decided turn for the worse, and I practically gave up hope. One evening, after a very trying day, I telephoned to the practitioner that if there was anything more to be done I wished she would do it, for it seemed as if the boy had only a few hours to stay with us. She tried to help me overcome my fear and said she would do all she could for us.

Testimony of Healing
At the time of my healing through Christian Science I was...
May 6, 1916

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