In an issue of your paper a clergyman has taken occasion...

The Estherville (Iowa) Enterprise

In an issue of your paper a clergyman has taken occasion gratuitously to attack the lecture on Christian Science recently delivered in your city. It is true that Christian Science differs from the teachings of scholastic theology, and because of this difference many preachers have undertaken to prove that its teachings are erroneous. In this, history repeats itself.

A careful reading of the critic's article leads one to the conclusion that he has only succeeded in proving that he does not in the least comprehend the essential mission of Christian Science, does not understand its fundamental propositions, and is therefore not in a position intelligently to criticize its teachings. Those who understand Christian Science, and there are hundreds of thousands of them, are daily proving to their own satisfaction, and to the satisfaction of those who are willing to listen, that its teachings are in exact accord with the teachings of Christ Jesus pertaining to Christian healing and the salvation of humanity.

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