Operating Unspent

So accustomed are we unconsciously to give reality to limitation in its various phases,—the fault of education burdened with materialism,—that without objection we accept the theories of physics that all power, force, action, friction, wear, progress, germination, in brief, life and the universe, cannot operate without becoming spent. We are persuaded that by the simple fact of its own volition, motion, action, all movement is self-consuming and continually loses a proportion of its actuating impulse and inherent vitality; that movement is self-deteriorating, self-destroying, and by reason of its trend toward dissolution is finally spent. As the actual and spiritual scientifically reverses the mortal and material, we begin through the study of Christian Science to grasp the idea that real progress is without wear, frinction, or reaction; that it is not self-consuming, but self-radiating, without deterioration or destructiveness. Mrs. Eddy says (Science and Health, p. 283): "Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action."

Among the instances of good operating unspent is the work of The Christian Science Monitor. Every week-day, year after year, with automatic regularity, without faltering, loss of impulse, or lack of vitality, the Monitor comes to my desk within forty-eight hours after leaving its printing-press fifteen hundred miles away. No matter what history-making events are shaking the foundations of the world of belief, or the volume of mortal clamor defying harmony, the Monitor is ceaseless in its efforts accurately to reflect news in proportion to its actual value, thus maintaining the standard outlined in the first announcement regarding the issuance of a daily Christian Science newspaper: "The aim of the editors will be to issue a paper which will be welcomed in every home where purity and refinement are cherished ideals" (Sentinel, Oct. 17, 1908).

Divine Manifestation
May 6, 1916

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