With reference to the article "The Great Denial," in no...

New Days,

With reference to the article "The Great Denial," in no sense can St. Paul's reference to our Lord becoming poor for our sakes be construed to mean material poverty in the popularly accepted sense of the word, else the latter part of the verse, "that ye through his poverty might be rich," would be absurd. Would any one be considered poor who possessed the power to produce at any moment the necessities of life, and who could transport himself from place to place in a moment of time; in fact, who had such a spiritual understanding of divine Principle as to be able to lay aside every so-called natural or chemical law?

We are told that the Son of God came not to destroy, "but to fulfil;" to do "the will of him that sent me," as he said himself. Every so-called miracle performed by Jesus was done in conformity to spiritual law. It must be remembered that as declared in the Old Testament Scripture the prophets, nearly one thousand years before Jesus was born, multiplied meal and oil, made iron to swim, raised the dead, healed the sick, and performed other miracles. This shows us clearly that there lies behind these works in all ages a divine Principle, the understanding of which enables one to do them. This divine Principle is exactly what Mrs. Eddy has discovered and given to humanity in Christian Science, that all who desire may learn of it and prove their understanding by "signs following."

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