While on a visit to a large ranch that is almost surrounded by mountains, a friend and I set out on a bright afternoon to scale one of the peaks. We selected one that rose slopingly from a deep cañon. Apparently it had not been much traveled, for we soon encountered masses of undergrowth, fallen trees, and stones, and as we began the ascent we required each other's help to avoid slipping. When one gained a higher step, a helping hand would reach out, and after thus climbing for a time, we found to our surprise that the way grew smoother as we neared the top; indeed it was comparatively clear, for there was neither tangled undergrowth nor rocks.

This seemed a parallel to my experience when Christian Science found me. The "tangled barbarisms of learning" (Science and Health, p. 195) had brought me only discontent, suffering, and unhappiness. I was seriously contemplating a surgical operation for physical trouble, when with gentle persistence one who saw my dire need urged me to go to a Christian Science practitioner first; and I soon found myself beginning the long climb out of the dark, tangled undergrowths of false belief.

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