A reverend critic of Christian Science attempts to prove...

Rochdale (England) Times

A reverend critic of Christian Science attempts to prove that the way to heaven is to feel wicked, and in the process quarrels with Christian Scientists for feeling "very good." Let it be added that Christian Scientists only "feel very good" when they have become good by doing good, and this is their foretaste of heaven. "The Scientists' way to heaven," he says, "is to feel very good. The Bible inculcates the opposite." Then immediately following is the remarkable statement, "This is my reason for calling the system antichristian."

The Christian Scientists' claim to perfectibility is based upon Jesus' command, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Either Jesus gave a command impossible of fulfilment, or our critic is wrong when he says "the Bible does not teach that people can absolutely cease to sin in this world." It is probable our friend has become involved in this logical debacle by a confusion of ideas consequent upon his lack of understanding of the teaching of Christian Science as to the distinction between mortal belief and immortal man. The quotations given, such as Job's "Behold, I am vile," must of necessity refer to a mortal, and not to immortal man made in the image and likeness of God; and this view of mortal man's depravity is emphasized in Christian Science.

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