For four years I suffered from what was pronounced an...

For four years I suffered from what was pronounced an organic disease. During that time I had medical treatment almost constantly and underwent one operation, but was not cured. I was at last told by the physicians that the affected organs must be removed. I expected to have to submit to this operation, as there was no alternative, and was in great dread of it; but just at this time I went to my parents, who were studying Christian Science. I knew nothing about this teaching and did not believe it could heal any physical disorder; but for some reason I began to read the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. After reading a few pages I was impelled to continue, as I found it the most logical book I had ever read. It was not like my former thought of religion as cold and theoretical, but appealed to me as the absolute truth. After several weeks of almost constant study of Science and Health I was completely healed of this disease. It has been almost four years since this healing, and not a single manifestation of the old trouble has ever returned; and I know none ever can, because the real causes, fear, hate, malice, jealousy, false appetite, and the like, have been destroyed.

When I began to study Christian Science I had a double curvature of the spine, which threw my body a little out of shape and caused one leg to be an inch shorter than the other. I wore a cork sole on one shoe and was under a physician's care for several months. At the end of a year, finding no improvement, I gave up all hope of ever being straight. I now find that as my thoughts are straightened with purity and love my body is straightened also. I was a sufferer from pleurisy, hemorrhoids, and headache, but since gaining the understanding of God as Love and the only power, all these false beliefs have vanished. One can imagine how grateful I am for all these physical healings; but Christian Science has done more than all this for me. Formerly, I sought happiness in matter and found pain; I craved constant excitement, but never found joy until I turned to Science, and then I found that peace which passeth understanding.

Testimony of Healing
To tell of the many blessings that have come to me through...
May 6, 1916

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