Spiritual Creation

In replying to the question, "Is it possible to know why we are put into this condition of mortality?" Mrs. Eddy struck at a deep-rooted error when she said, "We must not consider the false side of existence in order to gain the true solution of Life and its great realities" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 64). Belief in a "false side of existence" necessarily involves belief in a false creator and creation. This in turn embodies a number of subsidiary opinions or judgments which, engrafted as they are in much human thought and given free play, make men unconscious obscurants, blind to the spiritual light and love that are so bountifully offered to all God's children. It is the great tragedy of mortal experience that while light has come into the world, men still "abide in darkness," sinning and sorrowing, attributing their discordant condition and circumstances to causes of which they allege they have no control, and crying for a deliverer.

The mental attitude of the loyal and earnest Christian Scientist is in striking contrast to this. He has found his freedom, has glimpsed in a measure the true side of existence and creation, and is now privileged to be daily and hourly grateful for his crown of blessings. But the contrast does not, or should not, stop there. He who has not come into the practical knowledge of Truth's healing power is not slow to bemoan his so-called "fate" in tones that to the metaphysical student indicate an entire misconception of God, man, and the universe. The Christian Scientist, radiating health, holiness, and happiness, takes his part in demonstrating Truth in his daily walk and conversation; otherwise, as Jesus told the Pharisees who wanted him to rebuke the people for praising God, "the stones would immediately cry out,"—the transformation of the life and the character would be so manifest that nothing could hid the reflected glory or stem the insurgent tide of Love's quickening and purifying stream.

Thoughts for a Beginner
March 11, 1916

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