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One of the most prevalent beliefs, and probably the most harmful to the world as a whole, is the one which has been held by the medical profession for centuries, namely, that sickness can be cured and human life prolonged only by the employment of material means and methods. That this belief should have been and is today accepted as true by the great majority of Christian people seems somewhat anomalous, when we stop to consider that both the Old and the New Testament contain records of the most convincing kind that the prophets, the holy men and women of God of the older Scriptures, as well as the Master and his disciples of the newer gospel, ignored material remedies in accomplishing the marvelous cures which they wrought upon those who turned to them for help.

Jesus himself expressly declared that he had come among men to do "the will of the Father," nor did he arrogate to himself any personal credit for the multitudes of people who were healed in the fulfilment of this mission, but attributed the power and the glory to the Father. "The Father that dwelleth in me," he said, "he doeth the works," and with these words he clearly placed upon a spiritual basis the healing power which he displayed. His success in this work not only proved his understanding of a more certain and speedier means for the healing of the sick than the material systems which were in practice in those days, but it also negatived for all time the claim of the physicians that mankind are dependent upon drugs or surgery for relief from physical and mental ills.

All-protecting Love
February 20, 1915

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