Items of Interest

On every pay check issued by the Escanaba Manfacturing Company of Michigan are printed these words: "Not to be cashed at a saloon." Then there is a further statement that the check is subject to the conditions printed on the back of it, which read as follows:—

"This order will not be paid or honored by the drawer or by the bank upon which it is drawn, if it becomes endorsed by or the property of any person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of selling spirituous or intoxicating liquors, either at wholesale or retail, or if it becomes endorsed by or the property of any person who conducts a hotel or boarding-house in connection with any place where such liquors are sold; and the person in whose favor it is drawn and every person in whose hands this shall come, accepts it subject to these conditions, and in full payment of the amount named on its face and of the claim against the drawer for which it is given. The undersigned each agrees to the foregoing."

Income and Outgo
February 20, 1915

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