True Sympathy

One often hears it said that Christian Scientists lack sympathy, but I have reason to be very grateful for the kind of sympathy shown me by Christian Scientists some time ago, when what seemed to be a great sorrow came into my life. All my non-Science friends were very kind, and sympathetic as they understood the meaning of the term, and yet every letter and every word seemed to make the sorrow even greater. I had just one feeling, and that was a desire to get to the Christian Science church, where there were those who knew something better, those who knew and believed that God never wants us to suffer; and I was not disappointed. At the first service I attended, the cloud was lifted and I felt able to think clearly again.

Before coming into Christian Science I believed that love was very limited,—just for a few relatives and friends,—but since the light of Truth has dawned in my consciousness I have been learning that Love is divine and is for all mankind; that when God bestows His love upon us, it is not as a personal gift to be retained by us, but an inheritance to share with all mankind. Even a glimpse of this truth completely healed my sense of sorrow. The thought came to me that if we are as busy as we should be in loving and helping all mankind we shall have no time to be sorrowful. I feel renewedly grateful to Mrs. Eddy for this wonderful revelation of the Principle of being,—for helping us to understand the God who is Love, "how to attain a mind in harmony with God, in sympathy with all that is right and opposed to all that is wrong, and a body governed by this mind" (Christian Healing, p. 14).

The Dream Dispelled
September 26, 1914

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