I am frequently asked if Christian Science has healed me...

I am frequently asked if Christian Science has healed me of any serious ailment. My reply is, that according to medical opinion there seemed no permanent relief for me, but I have been healed by the study of the Bible as interpreted in Mrs. Eddy's books. We frequently hear it said, "Oh, yes, So-and-so was healed by Christian Science, but then she had only a nervous trouble." Does this mean that nervous troubles are not considered serious? Under the law of materia medica if one has a nervous trouble, he is subject to a despot that rules mortal existence with a rod of iron, for according to belief all the material senses are dependent upon nerves. If Christian Science can heal nervous disorders, it can heal anything. My healing has been permanent, and I now rejoice in being able to help others.—Minnie S. Millar, New York, N. Y.

From Our Exchanges
September 26, 1914

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