It is with a heart full of gratitude that I endeavor to...

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I endeavor to write this testimony of healing which I have experienced through the knowledge of God, good, as taught in Christian Science. As a child I was delicate, and under the care of doctors who restricted my diet, claiming that the stomach and bowel disorder from which I suffered, were due to a disordered liver. I was greatly annoyed with a cough, and in my eleventh year a physician examined my lungs and said that they were affected by inherited disease, and that I could not live longer than three moths. Contrary to expectations, I dragged on to woman's estate, full of pain and nervous anguish.

After marriage I lifted a heavy jar, which caused more trouble, and my physician said I should have a specialist, as he did not understand my case. I had two specialists, and each said I would have to be operated on if I expected to get well. My heart, however, was so weak, and I was so nervous, as they expressed it, that they were afraid to administer an anesthetic, consequently I was spared the ordeal. As the years passed, it seemed as if most of the ills known to humanity were added to my burden, and last but not least, Bright's disease. Knowing, according to materia medica, the fatal effects of this disease, I would have been glad to pass out quietly. I suffered so intensely during this illness that many times I have taken a whole bottle of medicine in one day. I thought this and another remedy relieved me, but I continued to fail, and my stomach gave me so much trouble that everything I took caused great suffering.

Testimony of Healing
For several years I suffered from rheumatism and nervous...
September 26, 1914

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