Will you allow me to say a word with regard to the...

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Will you allow me to say a word with regard to the remarks on my letter to you, published in a recent issue? I heartily agree with the first two sentences, but I would like to state most emphatically that Christian Science has nothing whatever to do with occultism; indeed, it would be difficult to find two greater extremes than anything in the nature of occultism and Christian Science. Again, the understanding and application of the teaching of Christian Science will never give a man an unfair advantage over his neighbor. Christian Science reveals absolute Truth, and enables the student to recognize and so rely entirely upon Truth and justice, and to know that by practising the golden rule he will injure no one, least of all himself.

I admit the general belief is that "business and spirituality are on two different planes," but it is just this belief which Christian Science has already done so much to alter, in demonstration of the truth of Jesus' statement, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." The most remarkable feature of Christian Science is its vastness, for there is no condition in human experience to which it cannot be applied, including the business world, which surely stands in need of improvement. Now, Truth is immutable and cannot change. If, therefore, discord, dishonesty, or any evil conditions were true, it would be hopeless to try to improve them.

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