Friends and Foes

Throughout the Scriptures, especially in the Old Testament, are many references to foes, or enemies, which were probably regarded by the general thought as personified beliefs of evil. It is also true that many today share the beliefs of those of the olden time, and without hesitation personify the ills of mortal experience and fight them as solid realities. It is very evident that when error is thus personified it multiplies rapidly, that is, according to material sense.

In the psalms we find this sorrowful plaint: "Lord, how are they increased that trouble me! many are they that rise up against me." The modern saying, that troubles never come singly, is due to the same belief that error can counterfeit good and by the multiplicity of its representatives harass and wear out those who attempt to cope with it. Thus we find the afflicted man who dwelt in the tombs actually identifying himself with evil, and saying in response to Jesus' question, "My name is Legion: for we are many." It is, however, cheering to read that the "great Friend to all the sons of men" was able to bring deliverance to this captive and to demonstrate to him and to those who knew him that "one with God is a majority." We also read that Jesus' disciples "cast out many devils," the foes which attack men as sin, disease, and death.

Our Part
September 26, 1914

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