The term intelligence, as frequently used, is apt to leave an impression of coldness. It is too often assumed that to manifest intelligence means to manifest merely a keen, calculating sagacity which is wholly of the head and knows nothing of the heart. When the student learns that God who is Mind is also infinite Love, and that love is absolutely essential to real intelligence, he quickly perceives that Christian Science is teaching him the meaning of loving intelligence.

Thus the sufferer who is told that God is Mind is not presented with a cold, barren fact, but his consciousness is really opened to a living truth, palpitating with joy and bliss. The Pharisee, hampered by pride of intellect, must be taught the lesson that a little child can manifest more real intelligence and more true wisdom than he. The child Jesus at the age of twelve astonished the doctors, the learned men in the temple, by his understanding and answers; and so the picture of Jesus, "sitting in the midst of the doctors," has throughout the centuries strongly appealed to artists of every Christian nation as an illustration of the might of childlike wisdom. As Jesus grew to manhood and entered into his public ministry, he rejoiced that the Father had revealed unto babes the things which were hid from the wise and prudent. His unlearned followers proved his teachings to be demonstrable by their acts of healing. His Christianity was not appreciated by the quality of thought calling itself worldly wise, but by the child thought represented in his humble followers. Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum, names used by him to represent arrogant and unreceptive states of thought, could not perceive the glory of his untrammeled vision concerning God and man.

November 16, 1912

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