It is with a sense of gratitude deeper than words can...

It is with a sense of gratitude deeper than words can express, that I relate my healing in Christian Science. My illness was of fifty years' duration, with short intervals of relief gained from some new application. My complaints were severe,—stomach, uterine, and bladder troubles. I was subject also to very painful attacks of rectal trouble, during which I would have be lifted in and out of bed. I had such a fear of eating anything, that when invited out to dinner I would take a crust of brown bread with me. Nearly all known remedies of which we heard were resorted to, including hygiene, electricity, mineral waters, change of climate, and surgical operation. My last illness culminated in sixteen weeks of starvation, the last ten of which were spent in a hospital. The latter part of this term I was given a small quantity of liquid food once it twenty hours, and at times I would feel so famished that I would crawl to the door and beg some one to call the nurse to bring me food or I would die. It was believed by all that I would soon pass away.

I had known of Christian Science, but only to ridicule it. My husband had been a minister in an orthodox church, and from childhood I too had worked earnestly in the various departments of the church. While in the hospital, one of the patients, seeing my helpless condition, told me of some one who had been healed in Christian Science, and advised me to see a practitioner. I consented very relutantly, more out of curiosity than anything else, and when the practitioner called, I proceeded to resist and abuse Christian Science with all the strength I could summon. As I think of it, I was very insulting, and the practitioner went away, saying that I was not yet ready for Christian Science, but that I would be—and she was right! About two weeks later she called again, and this time I was ready. I no longer resisted the truth, but accepted gladly all that was offered me.

November 16, 1912

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