It sometimes happens that when a student of Christian Science places emphasis upon the spiritual sense of a passage of Scripture, the listener concludes that he therefore denies or ignores the literal sense of the statement in question. To do this would, however, be to ignore Mrs. Eddy's teaching on the subject of Scriptural interpretation. She says, "The divine Science taught in the original language of the Bible came through inspiration, and needs inspiration to be understood" (Science and Health, p. 319). This being admitted, we may well pause and take off our shoes before venturing to express an opinion as to any passage of Scripture. On page 320 we read: "The most distinguished theologians in Europe and America agree that the Scriptures have both a spiritual and literal meaning;" to which is added the statement that "the one important interpretation of Scripture is the spiritual." We must not, however, lose sight of the fact that in Science infinite Mind is represented by "its infinite manifestation" (p. 468).

In the tenth chapter of his first epistle to the Corinthians Paul presents the experiences of forefathers in the wilderness in a metaphorical sense when he says that "they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ." This should not, however, be taken as a denial of the literal correctness of the history of the Hebrews as in Exodus, to which reference is often made in the New Testament. It will, however, be observed that Paul subordinates the literal sense to the spiritual, and makes the outward manifestation of the rock symbolize the spiritual idea, for the literal rock did not follow the people in their journeyings, but the real Rock, the Christ-idea, was ever with them, though this was too often forgotten, even as it is today.

November 16, 1912

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