Our critic asserts he has a "higher vision."

Denver (Col.) Republican

Our critic asserts he has a "higher vision." It would seem therefore that one of the first uses of this "higher vision" would be to avoid the misrepresentation of the religious convictions of other people. "Thou shalt not bear false witness" is a command of the Decalogue, as equally binding upon believers in the Bible now as it was in the time of Moses. Christian Science does not "shadow the majesty of God." Christian Science gives all glory to God and takes nothing from His majesty and power. Nor does Christian Science "ignore the greatness of Jesus Christ," as the critic avers. Feb. 1, 1895, in reply to an inquiry from the New York Herald, Mrs. Eddy stated in part as follows: "There was, is, and never can be but one God, one Christ, one Jesus of Nazareth." [See Pulpit and Press, p. 74.] Mrs. Eddy had the most profound reverence for Christ Jesus. She ever patterned her life after his, and admonished her students to follow their Leader "only so far as she follows Christ" (Message, 1901, p. 34).

Christian Science is not a mental philosophy, as this critic further erronesously asserts. It is a religion pure and simple, giving a scientific knowledge of God, man, and the spiritual universe. It does not make gods of men, as this speaker declared, but teaches that spiritual man is the child of God. The gentleman complains that Christian Science "does not lift up to God," which merely shows that he does not understand the teachings of Christian Science. The verdict of innumerable earnest and sincere students of Christian Science is that it does uplift thought to God, and inspires men with love for Him.

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