[Translated from the German.]

In 1906 I first heard of Christian Science through dear...

In 1906 I first heard of Christian Science through dear friends who knew of our continuous struggle with sickness. At first I was reluctant to consider the subject, but a few months later, conditions having grown particularly distressing, I asked for several copies of Der Herold der Christian Science, and later went to Berlin in order to know more of this helpful teaching. I returned from my trip in a happy and joyous frame of mind, with a sense absolute certainly that God would help us, and I may say that our condition improved from that moment on. I myself had been under medical treatment almost constantly for eight years, and had gone through many seemingly serious attacks of illness. After this, however, the symptoms of disease which now and then tried to manifest themselves, were always quickly met, partly through my own understanding of Christian Science, partly through the help of dear Christian Scientists.

Today I may say with a heart full of gratitude that I have neither had a neither had a physician nor used any medicine since 1906. In view of the many proofs of Truth's healing power in our family. I must refrain from stating them in detail, though I would like to mention briefly two instances which occurred in the case of our children. One of them having been taken with whooping-cough a few years ago, I immediately applied for absent treatment, and in three weeks' time the child was completely healed. There was not the slightest symptom of weakness apparent, although this is supposed to be the usual after effect of the disease; on the contrary, the child was stronger than before. The physician whom we had to call in, owing to the police regulations, predicted that the twin sister would surely be taken ill, having been exposed to the same contagion. I therefore requested treatment to be taken up in Christian Science for the other child also, with the result that she remained safe and sound. The second case was one of seemingly serious inflammation of the throat. On the third day this child was able to go to school, whereas the period of recovery under materia medica in similar cases formerly had been of longer duration.

Testimony of Healing
Two years ago, while I was out one afternoon, the maid...
November 16, 1912

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