When we are awakened to some appreciation of what Christian Science means to the world, there is born in our consciousness an earnest desire to serve our fellow men in the highest possible way, by bringing to them this message of good cheer, this practical religion which heals sickness and sin through the only right method—the removal of the false beliefs which cause suffering and wrong-doing. As this desire to help mankind rid themselves of the burden under which they are laboring increases in intensity, we are filled with a great longing to drop our present work and to become directly and actively engaged in what we consider to be the healing and reformatory work of Christian Science. This desire is commendable, but in this as in all other matters it is necessary for us to realize that God's will is done and that we are to serve Him in whatever capacity divine Love and wisdom dictates, resting confidently in the knowledge that as we are obedient and faithful in performing those tasks which lie right before us, doing all to the glory of God, we shall be fitting ourselves for greater responsibilities and greater service.

The world has urgent need of all who have gained an understanding of Truth; each has his place to fill and such service to perform as will best advance his growth and enable him to do his part in bringing to human consciousness the blessings of the kingdom of heaven, which is here and now. No matter where our daily work may take us, no matter how menial may appear our daily tasks, we can apply to these tasks our highest understanding of divine Principle, putting into practise what we are learning, and in this way we shall become engaged in the practise of Christian Science, and need have no fear but that greater opportunities for service will be afforded us as we become fitted to meet their attendant responsibilities.

November 16, 1912

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