It is with deep gratitude that I send my testimony

It is with deep gratitude that I send my testimony. Before I knew much of Christian Science, a friend asked me to go to a Wednesday evening meeting, and it took much urging before I consented to go, as religion had never helped me out of my difficulties, so I was not much interested in the subject. It rather surprised me, as I entered the Christian Science church, to see nearly every seat taken, and the silent prayer appealed greatly to me. I was then living in a world of materiality, and those few moments of quiet gave me a sense of peace such as I had never felt before. Several testimonies were given about the healing of the eyes, and as I was wearing glasses, and my eyes were getting worse all the time, I was much interested. The verdict of a celebrated oculist was, that I must have an operation for my eyes, consequently these testimonies appealed strongly to me. I went away from that meeting with a ray of hope and a touch of peace that I have never forgotten. When Sunday came I went to the service alone,—the silent prayer seemed to draw me. That week I bought a copy of Science and Health, and the study of this book opened up to me a new world. It answered my questions, and I knew it was the truth. In a few weeks I left off my glasses; the pain ceased, and I have been able ever since to use my eyes all that has been necessary, as they perfectly normal.

This was the first proof which the study of Christian Science gave me of the power of Truth, and for ten years it has been my only physician and guide. To have a God to go to who is unchanging good, is priceless knowledge, and this truth is free to all who will "study thoroughly the letter and imbibe the spirit" (Science and Health, p. 495). I am trying to live the gratitude I feel.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to testify to an almost instantaneous healing of a...
October 12, 1912

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