After we commence the study of Christian Science, and more or less until we have completely attained the final heavenly, spiritual estate, we are subject to a conflicting sense of things. Two opposing sets of testimony about various subjects of thought assert themselves in our consciousness,—one coming from the bodily senses, the other from the spiritual logic which is based on God as premise; and while this state of affairs continues in belief, we are constantly called on to decide what testimony we are going to believe, hold to, and declare. The testimony of spiritual sense is always harmonious, and if we hold to this, and stoutly maintain and declare it, we shall be able, sooner or later, to cast out and silence any opposing, inharmonious testimony of material sense, and this for the reason that the testimony of spiritual sense is true, while the testimony of material sense is false.

Our bodily senses at any given time may be asserting to us some kind of discord, and may be asserting that discord very lustily, and may be acting like a madman within our consciousness, but if we realize the truth of being,—that God made man, and continually makes him in His own image and likeness, that man is therefore spiritual, eternal, and perfect, now and always,—and if we keep on understanding, thinking, and asserting this truth, sooner or later the false and discordant material sense will be overcome and silenced. We can win out in this contest, because as soon as we begin to know and assert the truth it is no longer the human sense, but the tireless Christ-consciousness, God-with-us, which is declaring the truth.

July 31, 1909

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