In Psalms we read: "He sent his word, and healed...

In Psalms we read: "He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." My heart overflows with gratitude for the healing power of Truth and Love, as set forth in Christian Science. It is a little over five years since I found this blessed word, as revealed to us through our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, and in that time it has healed me of many diseases and has delivered me from many forms of destruction. I had been under the care of several different physicians for nearly fifteen years, and found very little relief from my physical suffering. I was also sent South for further relief, but found very little benefit there. After spending one winter in El Paso, Tex., I returned home the following spring, and soon my suffering was as great as ever. When a friend asked me to try Christian Science, I made up my mind that I would, as there seemed to be nothing else left for me to try. I did so with very little faith, but I was completely healed in less than a week of a so-called incurable organic disease, also chronic stomach disorder of many years' standing, and have never had a return of either since that time. The greatest blessing to me, however, is that I am learning what God is and how to avail myself of His goodness every day.

Our little one, three years of age, has never known any other remedy than Truth and Love, and can demonstrate the healing for herself. I feel that it was her own understanding of divine Love which saved her life while visiting in the country a few weeks ago. She and a little cousin were playing in the yard, when the cousin came running to the house, screaming that our little one was in the sheeppen and that one of the sheep had thrown her down twice before she, the little cousin, gave the alarm. The sheeppen was quite a distance from the house, and my feeling while running to her rescue may not well be imagined. The sight that met my gaze was dreadful to contemplate, for I saw the ram seemingly beating the life out of her. I could see no way to reach her but to climb a high barbwire fence, and how I got over it I do not know, but I did it without a scratch. I gathered her up in my arms immediately, and while I had seen the sheep strike her in the head, I could see no hurt, although I had no time to think. While I was carrying her to the house, the little one declared, "God is All, and I can't be hurt." She was perfectly conscious all the time, which to me was marvelous.

July 31, 1909

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