[Translated from the German.]

I cannot express in words all that Christian Science...

I cannot express in words all that Christian Science has done for me, and all the blessings which I have received and am always receiving. I should, however, like to tell with a grateful heart of the physical healing which I myself have experienced. From childhood I had been weak and sickly, and could only go through the second class at school, as further attendance would, according to the physician's statement, affect my health. In the course of years a chronic catarrhal affection of the throat and stomach was added; I also had several attacks of lung trouble. Besides all this I suffered at times from extreme nervousness and heart disease. The physician in attendance, who had also treated my late father, as well as other physicians whom I had consulted at watering-places, had given me only temporary relief, the troubles always appearing again and more severe than before. When I lost my father five years ago, I was broken down physically and mentally, as I had nursed him alone for ten years and he had been sick unto death several times.

While in this condition I heard of Christian Science and asked for treatment, and my health improved after about two months, so that I was able to attend a commercial school, which I had before been unable to do, as I was considered too weak to attend to any branch of industry. I was freed from all these troubles through Christian Science, and have learned that God heals all our diseases. I am perfectly well now, and can attend fully to my employment as a telephone operator, which is rather strenuous work, and I am contented and happy. With regard to my eyes Christian Science has proved a great blessing. I was said to have been born with weak eyes and shortsightedness, so that I had to wear glasses from childhood and had to submit to an operation on both eyes. Several noted specialists whom I consulted had told me that the short-sightedness would increase as I grew older. After I had Christian Science treatment my eyes became better, so that I do not wear glasses any more; I read, write, and do any kind of work without using them and have no trouble whatever with my eyes.

Testimony of Healing
I began to study Christian Science about two years ago,...
July 31, 1909

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