It is eight years since it was proved to me in Christian Science...

It is eight years since it was proved to me in Christian Science that there is no power apart from God, and I feel that no one has more to be thankful for than I have. I met with a bad accident by falling down stairs, breaking my ankle, and my foot was also very badly hurt. Our home doctor treated it with everything he thought would do any good, and finally he told me it never would be well so I could have the use of it. I went to Canton, Ill., and saw one of the best doctors there. When he told me the same as my home doctor, I was very much discouraged, so I started for home.

On the way I told my husband we would stop at the minister's, as the thought came to me that if he would pray with me and for me it might help me. We went there, but I did not see him. Then we came home, but the thought stayed with me that there was a greater power than medicine. I prayed that I might be led in the right way, and in a few days my daughter and I went to see a lady, an old acquaintance whom we had not met with for a long time. When we went in I was surprised to see her looking so well, and asked her what kind of medicine she had been taking. She told me that she had been healed through Christian Science, and at once I began to see a bit of light, for I remembered the thought that I had clung to so long. I saw it was the healing power of Christ, and I said to her, "Can't you help me?" She smiled and said, "I am not good enough, but I will give you some literature to read and when I see you again you will not have to use that crutch and cane."

Testimony of Healing
In Psalms we read: "He sent his word, and healed...
July 31, 1909

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