No word in Christian Science comes to me with greater force than does the word "Principle," for it brings to my consciousness the new understanding of God which the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" has revealed,—the understanding of a God of whom the psalmist says, "Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing." If the sick man knew of this God, would he travel the world over for health, try one kind of cure after another, look to hygiene, air, and exercise for his life—I say, if he knew that God is man's Life, and never can be separated from him; that Life includes health and harmony, and that these are his for eternity?

Again, would the thief steal that which belongs to another, in order to possess it for himself, if he knew the truth of man's being,—that all good is his for all eternity and his every need supplied from the inexhaustible eternal source? Would the slave of evil desire seek pleasure in the byways and hedges of self-indulgence, if he knew that Love is the law of man's being, that Love fills all space, surrounding and satisfying and glorifying man, and that resting in this assurance he will be satisfied? Would the slave of any form of sin or sickness seek happiness and health and satisfaction in the labyrinth of matter, if he knew that the blessings of Life, Truth, and Love were his from the hands of the ever-living Father-Mother God?

July 31, 1909

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