It is now very generally admitted by religious thinkers that the "daily bread" for which we ask in the Lord's Prayer means very much more than material food. There are, however, few who would maintain that spiritual food is even more necessary than material—that we cannot in any true sense live without it; but this is what Christian Science insists upon, and the students of Christian Science find it to be an actual fact in their daily experience. Most people believe that they can pass a whole day—or even many days—without partaking of "the bread which cometh down from heaven" and which Christ Jesus said "giveth life unto the world," and this wrong belief is without doubt responsible for much suffering, as well as sin. To use Paul's words, "For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep [the sleep of death]."

What sort of health would one expect to have if he went to work without any food, and perhaps continued without any throughout the day? Yet this food is of far less importance to us—even to our bodily health—than is the spiritual food which we should undoubtedly seek "first." It is not enough to say that we partook of the truth yesterday; we must have our "daily bread." Mortals are too apt to think that man's heavenly Father has not provided the needed supply, while the fact is that they forget to avail themselves of it. The Israelites were commanded to gather their manna each day, and this is an object-lesson for us, with almost infinite applications. The words of truth which we read yesterday should have a higher meaning for us today, hence a broader application to our needs.

July 31, 1909

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