Young students of Christian Science frequently question how it is that after coming into Science easily, and apparently making splendid headway, they once more find themselves confronted with the same problem which had troubled them before meeting with Science. Even to be faced with it again is disheartening, but to find that it does not yield to the first application of their understanding of Truth is so discouraging as almost to paralyze effort.

Is there not something of the "old thought," with its cry of "Only believe, and you shall be saved," underlying this very question? Are we not inclined to expect that our mere recognition of Christian Science as the truth will perform a complete metamorphosis in our lives without any further effort on our part, instead of earnestly facing the fact that, owing to our previous mistaken standpoints, we have, as it were, to readjust our world by demonstrating the reality of our recognition of Truth every step of the way; as one who has studied some branch of education under an incompetent teacher, and gained a faulty knowledge of the same, on discovering his mistake, labors with patient self-discipline to drop the erroneous knowledge and pursue that study along correct lines. And has not this phase to be passed in the pursuit of any art or profession. The first difficulties are overcome with ease and exhilaration; then one is apt to put theory in advance of practice, and discouragement follows the perception of how little one has really accomplished. An art master, known to the writer, believes that many a genius has been lost to the world through lacking the courage to push past this corner—which, once passed, although difficulties increase, they are surmounted with growing ease.

August 29, 1908

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