When I first learned of Christian Science, and had myself been healed in a few treatments, its teachings seemed very lovely and good to me, as I heard them expressed in the testimony meetings. For some unexplained reason, however, as soon as any one spoke of God as Principle, a strong sense of prejudice would close the door of understanding; but when some one said, "God is Love," that idea was taken into consciousness. In a short time there came a test. I felt that I ought to be able to explain why Christian Scientists use the word Principle for God. For three days I was much disturbed,—it was as if I had no God,—but in undergoing a process of mental development in which I longed to know God and be close to Him, it was made clear to me that if the Christian Science God had healed me, He must be the true God, and that what we learn about God in Christian Science must be the truth.

As I advanced in understanding I saw that I must give up a human concept of God,—realize that Life, Truth, and Love are God, and this God is divine Principle. Later there came an experience which proved the truth of this teaching that God is Principle. A certain person had been guilty of wrong-doing, and it was my duty to speak to this one about it. I quietly rested in Truth and sought divine guidance. The answer came thus: Ask, Are you loyal to Principle? This was done; the error was uncovered, and the wrong thought destroyed in that person's consciousness. I thus had a very convincing proof that Principle expresses the idea of God in a wonderful way, and the word is now used with a deep realization of its sacredness. In longing to know the truth about God I was led to see the necessity of obedience to the Leader whom God has sent to teach us this truth. Obedience, therefore, opened the door of knowledge and destroyed obstinacy, for which demonstration I desire to express deep gratitude to our revered Leader, whose teachings have enabled us to enter into the promised land of Truth.

August 29, 1908

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