Can we, at this hour, with all we have seen and heard...

Los Angeles (Cal.) Examiner

Can we, at this hour, with all we have seen and heard of the "signs following," doubt the healing power of Mind—God? The matter physician looks to material means for help in time of sickness; the Christian Scientist looks to God alone. The matter physician looks to the effects as manifested by the body, and attempts to remove them by material remedies; the Christian Scientist looks beyond and sees fundamental error in the mortal thought which controls the body, and overcomes it by the understanding that man is not material, but reflects the qualities and attributes of his creator—God. This divine Science merely demonstrates the teaching of the Bible that God is the great healer of disease, and we know that God is Mind, not matter.

It is a gratifying sign of the times that the most progressive physicians are recognizing in the healing work of Christian Science not a menace to their profession, but the promise of a higher and more successful way of dealing with the sufferings of man. Filled with the prevalent theories regarding the laws of health, men are ruled by fear. They are afraid of themselves and their bodies; afraid of food and air, and afraid of God. Some one has truly said, "If God sends sickness to draw us nearer to Him, then the sicker we are, the better." If it is His will that we should be sick, suffer, and die, why struggle to thwart the divine will by taking drugs and using material means of release? Christian Scientists know that God is Love, and that He never sends sickness or evil, but gives us dominion over them.

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