There is perhaps no more mistaken view of any subject in the world to-day than the false sense regarding business. This is evidenced by the general thought of uncertainty regarding success; whereas, were its activities directed from a basis of scientific understanding, the result would be correspondingly certain. The prevailing erroneous view is based upon a conception of business as a mere money-making proposition, involving little regard for the rights of others, provided it can only be made profitable to those engaged in it. It thus becomes "a false god," upon which the individual is depending for supply, and not infrequently ultimates in a state of fear and discouragement which paralyzes intelligent effort and invites defeat.

Christian Scientists have one God. They do not make an idol of their business or vocation, but serve God while attending to it. They do not worry, nor do they fear their business or allow it to make them anxious or discouraged. Recognizing all legitimate business as affording opportunity for the expression of the truth, they do not assume the responsibility that belongs to God, but fulfil their own through faithful service. When problems confront them, they seek wisdom of God and work out their salvation through self-abnegation and divine leading. There is no greater opportunity for demonstrating the teaching of Christian Science than that offered in this line of activity, and for the reason that business in one department or another touches the lives of practically all men.

June 13, 1908

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