Mrs. Annie M. Knott of Boston, who has been making...

Detroit (Mich.) Free Press

Mrs. Annie M. Knott of Boston, who has been making a brief visit to Detroit, acknowledged yesterday that until Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy spoke in the matter, many Christian Scientists were inclined to oppose the Rooseveltian projects for peace through the extension of the American navy. In the last issue of the Christian Science Sentinel [May 9], of which Mrs. Knott is associate editor, Mrs. Eddy expressed her views concerning peace societies and naval disarmament. She told her followers that it is unnecessary for them to belong to any of the numerous peace organizations in the country. The Christian Science Church itself, she asserted, stands for peace. Mrs. Eddy has also endorsed as expedient for present-day conditions the extension of the American navy as a peace measure.

"Mrs. Eddy has not explained to us her reasons for her expression in this matter," said Mrs. Knott, yesterday. "But since she has given us her views, we have gladly conformed with her ideas. She is so far-sighted, and has such clear, penetrating insight, that we are perfectly willing to accept her judgment in the matter. In a sense, she agrees with the President, but I think she expects the arrival of the era of universal peace sooner than Mr. Roosevelt believes it will come.

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