It seems to me that I can never be grateful enough...

It seems to me that I can never be grateful enough for what Christian Science has done for me. In June. 1905, I went to a hospital, where I lay sixteen weeks after undergoing an operation for bowel trouble. Three of our best physicians said there was no hope for my recovery, and told my family to make the funeral arrangements, which they did at once, some neighbors preparing my clothes for burial. To the surprise of all I rallied after forty-eight hours, and was taken home in a helpless and hopeless condition. One of my limbs was terribly distorted and the other one was also badly drawn. I was told that I would probably never walk again. I began to take massage and was told that there would be no change in my limbs in less than a year. At this time I could sit in a chair but had no use of my limbs. I continued the massage about six weeks, with no improvement. My condition was such that it seemed to be impossible to use crutches, although one physician said that if I could I might be able to walk in a year and a half; but he also said that the disease with which I suffered intensely would doubtless grow worse as I grew stronger.

Before I had gone to the hospital a friends spoke to me of Christian Science, and I thought of it at different times, but felt that my husband might not approve. I discontinued the massage treatment before Thanksgiving, and again began to think about Christian Science. The week before Christmas my husband sent for a practitioner, as I was almost in despair. Hope and courage revived during my first interview, and I was assured that I had a right to walk because that was what my limbs were for; but I was told not to force myself to do anything, but to wait until I knew I could walk and then I would be able to do so naturally. My limbs began to straighten out, and on the sixth of January, while lying on the couch reading Science and Health, something seemed to say to me that I could walk, so I got up and did walk the length of the couch and back. My little son, who was in the room, shouted to his father in the next room, "Oh, mamma can walk!" so he came in and wanted me to walk for him, which I did, and later that same day for a doubting neighbor.

Testimony of Healing
Early in the spring of 1906 my little girl was taken very...
August 31, 1907

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