Christian Science first attracted my attention some...

Christian Science first attracted my attention some fifteen years ago, and at that time, in the words of Paul, "I verily thought with myself, that I ought to do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth." I was then pastor of an orthodox church, and some of my most prominent members, through the healing of a friend of theirs. become interested in Christian Science and finally left the church. I was sincere in believing that Beelzebub was at work, and that it was my duty to destroy that illusion and "rescue the perishing," but I found to my surprise that I could not bring them to feel the need of rescue, and finally left them to their fate. After this I read some Science literature, but always with a prejudiced thought, and so derived very little benefit. I did, however, become very much dissatisfied with the old theology and the slight effect its teaching seemed to have upon the masses, or even upon professing Christians. This led me finally to resign my pastorate and retire from the ministry. I did not realize at that time just what the difficulty was and why the so-called gospel seemed to have so little effect, nor did I realize why my own life seemed so inharmonious.

In conversation with an avowed infidel, about this time, he said to me, "If you people will only go out and heal a few sick people as Jesus and his disciples professed to do, I will believe, both in their work and in yours, and will become a Christian." I felt then, and have many times since, that the infidel has reason on his side and that it ought to be just as possible to heal the sick now as in Jesus' time, but, strange to say. I was not willing to give Christian Science the credit for doing this very thing. However, after spending a great deal of money, and after my wife had suffered the pangs of several deaths, in fact, after we had exhausted the resources of materia medica without benefit, we very reluctantly and faithlessly turned to Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I was healed by Christian Science in March, 1900
August 31, 1907

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