The struggle between the angel and the beast will continue...

Quincy (Mass.) Ledger

The struggle between the angel and the beast will continue as long as mortals recognize both good and evil. Any religious system which lessens the wear and tear of the struggle should be welcomed, not antagonized. No religion has yet succeeded in monopolizing God or confining Him within the four walls of a church. No religion has yet succeeded in shutting off non-members from communication with their creator. Religious storms do not interfere with the operation of the wireless, even when the wires of the old routes are grounded or lack the vital fluid. The millennium will have arrived when humility takes the place of pride, when the desire to serve replaces the ambition to rule, when men recognize their universal brotherhood regardless of color, nationality, creed, or station, when love shall cast out fear and evil shall find no abiding-place in the heart. All this is taught by Christian Science, and the teaching is bearing fruit.

Christ commanded that we love our neighbor as ourselves. Abraham Lincoln paraphrased this by counseling charity toward all, malice towards none. Both had the spirit of God, both loved their fellow-men, both were maligned, misrepresented, and murdered. If we cannot obey the Saviour's command, let us at least give Mrs. Eddy the benefit of our charitable thought if she needs it, bottle up our malice, and refuse to burn the flag of liberty with the acid of religious persecution.

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