For the encouragement of any who may hesitate...

For the encouragement of any who may hesitate about understanding to help those who know no English I give my experience. I am a school teacher in a community of Finns. None but the children who attend school can speak, read, write, or understand English, and I cannot speak to the people except through the children as interpreters. Two years ago the information was conveyed to me that a woman who is the mother of six children was in a bad condition from a disease in the breast. One Saturday afternoon I went to see her. She had given up all medicine, as the doctor had told her that nothing could help her. I asked her, through her daughter, if she had ever heard of the people who are made well by God's love and power, without medicine. She never had. I said, "Do you believe in God?" "Oh, yes," came the reply through our young interpreter. I explained as simply as possible that I had been taught in Christian Science how to ask help from God for sick people, and added, "Would you like to have me ask for you?" "Oh, yes," she said again. I went to work, trusting divine Love to meet "every human need" (Science and Health, p. 494). I did not go again to see her, and I made no inquiries, for I had asked her to "tell no man." A few weeks passed; then I met the daughter. As soon as she saw me she said, "Mamma is almost well." I said aloud, "Praise God!" Not long afterward I met the mother at the house of a neighbor and got this question to her, "Are you all right?" She smiled and replied, "All right." I pointed upward and said, "You thank God!"

Mrs. Louise Lowell, Onota, Mich.

Testimony of Healing
Words fail me when I try to tell of all the blessings...
May 25, 1907

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