Mrs. Eddy says, "Truth is the real; error is the unreal

Mrs. Eddy says, "Truth is the real; error is the unreal. You will gather the importance of this saying, when sorrow seems to come, if you will look on the bright side; for sorrow endureth but for the night, and joy cometh with the light" (Christian Healing, p. 10). This brought to my thought an experience of some years ago, when I was in deep sorrow that seemed to be "a living death." I was about to leave my home city to visit relatives in another State, and before my departure, my heart said, "This sorrow shall never darken the lives of my friends." This thought silenced sorrow, and made glad and joyous my visit. Christian Science came to me in an hour of direst need, when even suicide was in my thought. Scholastic theology had failed to give comfort in that hour of sorrow, and materia medica had no healing lotion for the suffering body. Then it was that divine Truth came to me as a mother awaking the child upon her bosom from its troubled dream. My hungry heart partook eagerly of the heavenly manna and was refreshed. The way has seemed steep, but the higher we rise the clearer and more glorious view we have of the new heaven and the new earth. My chief aim and purpose since the light of Christian Science dawned upon me has been to prove those words of our dear Leader, "Truth is the real; error is the unreal."

Hannah M. Evans, Wolfboro, N. H.

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I was appointed sanitary officer in June, 1901, and the...
May 25, 1907

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