I desire to make a just acknowledgment of what Christian Science...

I desire to make a just acknowledgment of what Christian Science has done for me, and because others have expressed their gratitude that does not excuse me from showing some sign that I have not lost sight of what I have received through the work and self-sacrifice of our Leader, Mrs. Eddy. In the year 1886 I consulted several of the best physicians in Grand Rapids, Mich. I could not and did not want to believe that the diagnosis of my case was correct, but each diagnosed it as very serious lung trouble. They all advised a change of climate at once, and in two weeks' time I was in Colorado. The change of climate seemed to arrest the disease. I stayed in Colorado a year, during which time I gained in flesh but was still in bondage. During my stay in Denver I became interested in the study of so-called "mental science." and I felt that my understanding would enable me to return home and meet the change of climate. I had been home but a few weeks when I discovered I was losing ground, and although I vigorously applied the taching which I had received. I could not demonstrate anything with it. Feeling obliged to go to the doctors, I was again advised to return to Colorado to live permanently, as soon as I was able to go, which I did in a few months. I was more comfortable in the high altitude but not free from pain or the cough.

Three years later I was taken very ill. The attack lasted several weeks and left me in a serious conditoin. I was being treated by a prominent physician in Denver, but without any relief and was constantly growing weaker. I was at the point of giving up when a friend advised me to try Christian Science, against which I was strongly prejudiced. That "man's extremity is God's opportunity" was proven in my cse, for the first treatment in Christian Science so relieved the terrible cough that I slept soundly all night for the first time in weeks. After two weeks' treatment I was so restored that my friends were amazed at the change in me. Since that time I have been free from the disease and have spent three winters in Michigan with only good results. The first winter was a severe test. as I was subjected to bitter cold weather; but there were no bad effects, even to the extent of a cold. This destroyed the belief of my friends that I could not live in any climate if I so desired. I weigh forty pounds more than I did when I was healed.

Testimony of Healing
When I came to Christian Science, about a year and a...
May 25, 1907

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