About five years ago I become interested in Christian Science...

About five years ago I become interested in Christian Science through the healing of a friend from various chronic troubles which had defied medical treatment. The healing was so complete that there was no room for doubt, yet I attributed it to will-power and abstinence from drugs. I reasoned, however, that if mortals could fool themselves into good health it was certainly a very good joke. My wife having been in rather poor health for some time, we bought a copy of Science and Health. Through its study periodical headaches were completely overcome, and she was otherwise benefited. I tried to read with her, but could not become much interested for the reason that I had never believed the accounts of the so-called miracles of Christ. In the fall of 1905, after handling quantities of thorny shrubs, a painful sore appeared on one hand, which caused much inflammation of the hand and arm. This was treated by a reputable doctor, who pronounced it a badly poisoned wound. The sore finally healed, but a little higher up others broke out. This condition went on for nearly two months, and I became so disheartened and despondent that I was totally unfitted for work. In desperation I decided to try Christian Science, so I applied for treatment to a practitioner. It was with a feeling almost of shame that I entered her house. I thought that if I got no relief,—and I had little hope that I would,—no one would ever find it out from me. After receiving treatment I left, feeling rather disappointed. I had gone but a few rods when I had occasion to move my arm, and to my instense surprise it seemed perfectly normal. There was at this time a very serious condition of the wrist joint, and the arm and hand were considerably swollen. I stopped and bent the hand up and down, testing it in every possible way, but could feel no pain or stiffness, It was simply wonderful to me! Only those who have experienced such a demonstration can understand my feelings at that time. In a very few days there was nothing left to show where the trouble had been but slight scars which are now entirely gone. After this I no longer doubted that Christ Jesus raised the dead or made the blind to see. All these things now seem very natural and reasonable.

I am indeed grateful for this healing, but looking back over an experience of less than a year. I see that blessings have come to me that far outweigh the physical healing. Whereas I was a confirmed fretter, often lying awake nights worrying about things over which I had no control, now all is peaceful and I sleep like a child. Work which seemed intolerable drudgery has become pleasant and interesting. Many things that seemed hard to bear have been made easy, and a feeling of security is gradually growing with me, while moments of doubt are fleeting. I am truly thankful to God, and thankful to Mrs. Eddy for the truth by which I was healed. I am even thankful that I had the trouble which led me to seek the light.—Frank E. Boynton, Biltmore, N. C.

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