In the Christian Science text–book our Leader declares that "the visible universe and material man are the poor counterfeits of the invisible universe and spiritual man" (Science and Health, p. 337). It frequently happens in midsummer that very early in the morning our eyes are greeted by the spectacle of what appear to be innumerable spider-webs scattered about over the grass. So accustomed are we to the phenomenon, that we are in the habit of alluding to it as if the delicately spun structures themselves were actually visible to the physical eye.

A proper understanding of the situation, however, makes it evident that as a matter of fact they are invisible from our distant point of view, and that the visible impression is occasioned by something quite foreign to the supposed fabric in its composition, viz., a glistening sheet of dewy vapor deposited on the surface of the underlying web, and concealing it from view. Moreover, if we survey the same scene at noonday, after the sun's rays have dissipated the moisture, the webs cannot be detected by the eye. And yet we feel just as assured that they are still there as when the sheen of the extraneous covering attracted our attention and mode the objects seem conspicuous. Were we, however, to rely for proof of their presence on the testimony of the physical senses, we would have no warrant for believing them to exist. It is also worthy of remark that without the real object as a basis of manifestation, the illusive appearance would "fall to the ground" for lack of support.

March 2, 1907

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