For a long time I was a great sufferer, both mentally and...

For a long time I was a great sufferer, both mentally and physically. After having tried a great many different doctors, twenty-five years ago, and having also taken some treatments from Christian Science practitioners, I was discouraged because all seemed to fail of curing me of a stomach trouble of long standing. I had been told that Mrs. Eddy had given up her own teaching (which was a false report), and I could not go back to the creeds I had left behind, so I was altogether despondent and gloomy, besides having a complication of diseases. I had settled in the South, thinking it might benefit my health, but became so weak I could not work over an hour at a time, and suffered much at night. I seemed to be completely prostrated, suffering with every disease that could be heaped upon a mortal. One night I told my people that I seemed to be coming down with a fever, but very suddenly the realization and understanding came to me that my real selfhood was and always would be with God. At that moment I was changed, both mentally and physically,—in the twinkling of an eye, as it were,—from sickness to health; from weakness to the perfect vigor of youth. I was perfectly well; had never felt better in my life. I could feel nothing but perfect love for everything and everybody; that I did not have an enemy in the world; that there was nothing which could do me any harm; that everything manifested Life; the leaves of the trees seemed to be clapping their hands at the goodness of God; the birds were singing their songs of praise,—everything seemed like heaven on earth. I arose early the next morning, and worked hard all day. At night I was not the least bit tired and had no pain. I felt the presence of Spirit, God, directing me in all I did.

About two years after this experience I was very ill for over a month, indeed I seemed to be at death's door. I had bidden my family good-by, and all left the room but my wife. I whispered to her that I was going, but she said no; and declared that my life was in God and could not die. I felt a sudden change, and I rose up and said, "God bless you." Previous to this time I had not thought I could help myself; I had depended on others to help me out of my difficulties, but since this experience I have had wonderful demonstrations. Who could doubt the genuineness of healing through Divine Science when the evidences are so plain?

I am filled with gratitude to God, and to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for this wonderful truth.

March 2, 1907

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