FEW would deny that there is a wide difference between right and wrong living, but there are many opinions as to what constitutes this difference. The philosophy of a large number is that in order to attain worldly success, one must take good care of his body,—and this seems reasonable,—but the majority of mankind have a very misty idea of what it is that should take care of the body, and what are the powers and privileges of this imperfectly-known entity. It is very clear that the body cannot take care of itself, hence that which cares for the body must of necessity be superior to it; but the strange anomaly of human experience is that the body is admitted to be the task-master, and all the years of mortal existence are spent in efforts to feed, clothe, shelter, and adorn it. The results of this subjection of the higher to the lower are to be seen in the physical discords which prevail in an increasing degree wherever and whenever the material is given precedence over the moral and intellectual.

There are now large numbers ready to admit that many of the present-day tendencies must be overcome in the interests of so-called physical health,—notably worry and irritability; but these people do not so readily see that it is not possible to eradicate these evil tendencies while the body is held to be the ruler. The prophet Isaiah said of the Christ-idea,—the type of true manhood,—"The government shall be upon his shoulder;" and until this is scientifically understood the human mind will continue to be in bondage to the body, nor will any material theories bring freedom from this bondage. That Christ Jesus understood and demonstrated the true government of the body is evidenced by the marvelous works recorded in the Gospels, works by which he proved for himself as well as for multitudes of others what it is that really takes care of man—protects him and provides for all his needs. Knowing that divine Mind alone can do all this, the Master said, "Take no thought for the body." He directed thought away from the body to God, Spirit, and spiritual law, obedience to which results in health and harmony.

February 16, 1907

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