A Changed Thought

A NOTICEABLE change has come over the religious press in general in its attitude toward Christian Science, and this change may briefly be described as a transition from unqualified condemnation to timid and partial commendation, from an attitude which regarded Christian Science as beyond the limit of Christian toleration to one which sees in it an available something, an influence for good, which the churches have neglected to their own detriment. Just how much of an advance this is, may be problematical, but we are inclined to believe that it denotes a very considerable growth in grace, notwithstanding the inconsistency which finds fault with the logic of Science and Health yet commends the results achieved by putting the teachings of this book into actual practice.

The American Friend says: "There are two characteristics of Christian Science that deserve especial consideration: its attitude of joy, and its message of health. . . . There is no question that the Christian Scientists have learned the secret of being joyous, full of hope and sunshine . . . hosts of persons have been made whole and sound by its [Christian Science] methods. There they are as evidence, and it is useless to take the old mediæval attitude that the cures have been wrought by Satan." Yet this editor says that Christian Scientists have arrived at these conditions by "very bad logic," evidently forgetting that Jesus said, "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? . . . A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, nor can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit."

Zion's Herald, while admitting the good effects of Christian Science upon the lives of its followers, expresses disbelief in the truth of its teachings, a position which betrays inconsistency; but notwithstanding this inconsistency, we are bound to commend the following paragraph, for it displays a spirit of fair play and Christianity which is most creditable to the editor and to the denomination he represents. It is as follows:—

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Prevention Better than Cure
July 14, 1906

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