Bodily Healing through Spiritual Regeneration

Boston Times

SOME seem to have the impression that Christian Science is simply a metaphysical method of healing the sick in contradistinction to the use of material remedies, when, in fact, it is a religion, and heals the sick by changing their spiritual condition. It is the teaching of this Science that all bodily disorders are the result of sin. We use the word sin in its broad sense, covering not only the wilful wrongs, but all the errors of mortals, even their smallest mistakes.

It is the teaching of this Science that in proportion as one approaches the highest standard of manhood, he becomes less liable to disease, and that the uplifting of the human race will eventually make sickness a thing of the past, although such an exalted state may not be reached for centuries to come. Each successive generation will improve, and perfection will finally be attained.

A Reply to Professional Criticism
September 5, 1903

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